Past Events from November 2, 2019 – November 5, 2019 › Periodontal Plastic and Soft Tissue Surgery › – Annual Meeting 2019

HW3: Mucogingival Microsurgery (Hands-On Workshop)

Microscope-assisted periodontal therapy was introduced in the early ‘90s. The existing evidence supports the benefits and superiority of outcomes when utilizing the operating microscope (OM) for surgical periodontal therapy geared toward regenerative and root coverage procedures.

FCE5: The Role of Growth Factors in Soft Tissue Grafts

Periodontics has pioneered the repair and regeneration of gingival tissues with autogenous and alternative tissue grafts. Today the addition of tissue engineering techniques enables the clinician to improve the clinical outcome.

IP4: Perio Open Mic

This new IP format provides a platform to present a pivotal concept, perspective, or paradigm-shifting philosophy.