GS2: Timing of Implant Placement: Immediate or Delayed: When, Where, and How? - Annual Meeting 2019

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GS2: Timing of Implant Placement: Immediate or Delayed: When, Where, and How?

November 4, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am


David A. Gelb

Dennis P. Tarnow

Barry D. Wagenberg


Gordon Douglass

2.0 CE

The immediate placement of dental implants into extraction sockets is an exciting treatment that has revolutionized and expedited the transition from hopeless tooth or teeth to tooth replacement. It is a procedure that can be highly successful in the anterior and posterior areas provided the appropriate protocols are followed. This presentation will cover the treatment planning and case selection which includes the benefits and limitations of these procedures. Detailed presentations will cover atraumatic extractions, osteotomy preparation, implant placement, regeneration and grafting protocols, the fabrication of immediate provisional in the anterior area, and the healing that takes place in the socket. Additionally, long-term data will be presented for anterior and posterior immediate implants.


Educational Objectives:

  • Identify anterior and posterior teeth sites that are suitable for immediate implant placement.
  • Review how to extract teeth atraumatically in the anterior and posterior areas.
  • Explain how to prepare the extraction socket and osteotomy so that it is functionally and prosthetically correct.
  • Assess how to select an appropriate implant type for the site.
  • Describe the most appropriate regeneration protocol: graft material, membranes to use, and closure.
  • Identify how to temporize immediate implants and establish the proper crown contour.
  • Explain the limitations and risks involved in immediate implant placement.
  • Review the success rates and bone retention of immediate implants.


November 4, 2019
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Program Track: